Online Poker Tells to Look Out For

The most common mistake in history is underestimating your opponents and it happens at poker tables slot Thailand all the time. If you’re playing a poker game and you look around the table and don’t know who’s the fool, it’s you. This quip comes from the time you faced your opponent on a green-colored table while smoking a cigar and sipping whiskey in a dimly lit room.

Tatching every move and facial twitch for signs of deception. Nowadays, most people play poker online and the signals or information that skilled poker players in the past used to beat their opponents with, such as wearing sunglasses at the table, are covered by the relative anonymity of the Internet.

What Does Online Poker Tell Us?

In the absence of physical signs or behavioral clues, the story of online poker takes the form of players’ patterns and actions that inadvertently divulge information about their hands. After all, online live poker is a game of tension and observation and we must use whatever information is available to gain an advantage over our opponents. Three important things to note are:

  • Timing: The time it takes for your opponent to place a bet
  • Betting: How much your opponent bets
  • Chat: Any text that may reveal your opponent’s strategy

Time Telling

Instant Check

  • What is it? – When the opponent has used the Check/Fold pre-action on site.
  • What does it mean? – It usually means that the big blind has a bad hand and will fold when someone raises. Sometimes the check is not instant, but it is often quick and shows a weak hand and an impatient player.
  • What to do – Try betting out of position to look inexperienced and persuade your opponent to bet.

Check And Then Instant Call

  • What is it? – When an opponent checks and then calls immediately.
  • What does it mean? – This often exposes the marginal side of an opponent, who may seem strong on the draw, but they need to see if their game improves in a game or two.
  • What to do – Stay in position and keep the initiative. Wait to see if his opponent folds after the initial walk.

What are the Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Online Poker?

Tank Then Call

  • What is it? – Tanking is when a player takes a very long time to make a decision. A tank call refers to a long period of time before a player situs togel makes a call.
  • What does it mean? – This is usually an indication that the player is analyzing all options before making the call and will most likely not make a profit or gain. If the player is in a floating state, the call will come pretty quickly.
  • What to do – Just wait as the player’s range is most likely not in the air or marginal.    

Tank Then Check

  • What is it? – This is when the opponent takes a long time to play but then checks instead of calling or folding.
  • What does it mean? – This usually refers to the opponent wanting to see the next card cheaply and showing marginal range if not air.
  • What to do – Try to make a bet or draw aggression by appearing to lose or fish-like.

Betting tells


  • What is it? – Overbets are bets that are larger than the current pot size.
  • What does it mean? – This is quite rare and sometimes confusing, but more often it points to a player with a very strong hand. This is almost never a bluff because most players will not risk so much money when playing or playing with weak hands.
  • What to do – Unless your hand is about to break, fold and move on or find a risk-free way to get more information.

Odd-Sized Bets

  • What is it? – This is when a player makes a bet of an odd amount of money that is not the usual bet size that reflects a percentage of the pot. For example, $8.99 into a $10 pot.
  • What does it mean? – Often, this is a value bet and not a bluff and relates to the player’s money management. In most cases, this means the range is usually at the upper end.
  • What to do – Play your game and drive to the next street to hold the initiative if possible.

Don’t bet

  • What is it? – A donk bet is when a player who is out of position goes for (attacks) the person who was the aggressor in the last round.
  • What does it mean? – Unskilled players usually use the donk to make weak attacks and are relatively easy to counter with air and raises. Occasionally, strong players will use it to lead you with a very strong hand to test the weakness of your hand, especially if they notice you usually raise donk.
  • What to do – The standard move is to raise an obvious donk by an unskilled player. Be careful not to be fooled by a professional who understands your donk raise strategy.

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